Margaret Scotts's Dolls
Margaret Scott began collecting her dolls in May 1967 with the first doll purchased from Miss Trilby Blaise of Adelaide for $20.00. She is a beautiful doll and is featured in the antique section. There had been Barbies, world dolls and other collectables, vases, plates, glassware, numerous bronzes, and china.

Mother expressed the wish to keep the collection in tact but like most families this was not to be. From the time she and my father separated Margaret made her collection her passion and traveled the world buying and learning about the various dolls and their histories. She began doll making! Many times she would ask the granddaughters to go out to Kindaruar and help her catalogue the dolls. They would spend days.

She joined a doll club and bought a kiln and moulds and started making dolls for the grandchildren and doll exhibitions. In 1973 she had put some dolls in the kiln to fire but there was damp in the cable and the kiln burnt down the shed. Not to be deterred she bought a smaller kiln and off she went again in her new doll room. I will endeavor to include letters and other articles, which relate to her collection as I find them. Often there would be an article about her in a doll magazine and one in the New Idea, which was excellent.

Mum died suddenly in her sleep, January 15th 2003.

She had been tired, we had a lovely Christmas and spent New Year in Port Fairy which was lovely for her: she had been really well so it was such a shock.

The dolls were auctioned, her life's work is now spread all over the continent. They say these things are to be shared and so it has been!

A collection spanning 40 years should be shared and this is what she wanted. I do hope you will enjoy this site and if you have happened to purchase any of her collection bless you, love and cherish them as she did.

This site is compiled with love for her and the wish you can see that every item, doll and collectable was purchased with a mothers love for her granddaughters

"It is no use saying” we were doing our best" you have got to succeed in doing what is necessary" - Winston Churchill




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