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 The Beginning  

decided to take a trip to Perth to find out about my mothers childhood.

The following is "as told" by Auntie Doone, Mum’s younger sister and best friend

For my dearest sister Margaret (Jenkins) Scott.

Margaret was born on the 7th April 1924 at Moora hospital. She is the 5th child of Maud and Henry Jenkins, being the 3rd daughter.

Times were tough on the dairy farm that dad had purchased when he got home from the First World War.

One year and eleven months later I was born and that was the end of dads farming life. It was a hard life, and we left the farm.

We had to move into the town of Moora. Ray and Ciss (Al) had been staying with Gran and granddad from the time they started school. Being a baby I don’t remember the first years.

The house I remember we lived in, and most of my childhood with Margaret was next door to the Neryards. Mum had had another boy, Henry and the twins Betty and Joan

I remember our names were hard to say so we were Dooney and Maggie. I got my nickname because Margaret could not say Eunice she would say Doonice, which then became Doone.

We had a dog-called Bluebell; Dad used to go Kangaroo hunting and had a lot of rabbit traps. Bluebell must have gone chasing sheep because I remember Marg and I went around the side of the house and she was lying there. I can still see the bullet hole in her side; I think she must have died from that.

We were fighting at the table over who had whose knife and fork (we must have had our own) I think they were a bit smaller than the others: anyhow mum went to give me a smack and I ducked hitting my head on a piece of two by four, those days houses were not lined.

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